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Welcome to GAPSTERS at KidSport!  

We are very excited to offer our “GAPSTER” Summer Camps! 
This 2-hour class is fast and fun filled with gymnastics and learning.  Each week has a theme and with that theme a set of skills we hope to have each child master by the end of the class. The curriculum is designed around the math, science and language standards for first and second grade, as well as developing the foundation for gymnastics.
Ages 6-8 years ☺  (First & Second Grade) Pre-register today!!  Space is limited.   

   Gapster Camp 1:        June 10-June 28th, 2019

Gapseter Camp 2:       July 8-June 22nd, 2019

      Gapster Camp 3:        July 29-August 12th, 2019

Monday 1-3 p.m (3 weeks sessions) ----  $65.00/Camp 
Deposit of $25 per camp.  

Remainder due at class start.      

Registration is placed at time of payment.        
(This is a camp pricing, annual registration not required) 

Accepting Registration NOW!

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